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CS 8100

Take advantage of compact plug-and-play imaging with the award-winning CS 8100 family.

CS 8100

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Compact plug-and-play imaging

The award-winning CS 8100 delivers powerful imaging capabilities through an easy-to-use and compact system that is designed to meet your everyday imaging needs—both today and tomorrow. From better positioning and faster image acquisition to higher image quality, the CS 8100 is designed to benefit you. Easy to install, learn and use, the system is ideal for general practitioners and can be easily upgraded to include cephalometric imaging for your orthodontic needs.

Optimal Positioning

The CS 8100 is designed to make positioning patients quick and simple.

  • Easily accessible for patients standing or sitting, and in wheelchairs
  • Three anatomical programs intuitively adapt to patients’ jaw morphology
  • Open design, face-to-face positioning and clear instructions help position patients correctly

Sharp, High-Quality Images

Featuring the latest software processing algorithms, the CS 8100 minimizes spinal column shadows and produces clear, sharp digital images that are ready to review almost immediately.

  • High-frequency generator ensures radiation remains constant for optimal contrast
  • Advanced Active Pixel CMOS sensor, vibration-free motion system and 0.5 focal spot ensure detailed, contrasted, crystal-clear images in seconds
  • Powerful artifact-free filters enhance contrast and sharpness with a single click

Your Everyday Solution

The CS 8100’s advanced digital technology allows you to spend less time waiting for images and more time caring for patients.

  • Intuitive user interface makes it easy to select settings
  • Preset programs and step-by-step instructions prevent errors
  • Image acquisition takes just 10 seconds

Seamless Integration

The CS 8100 features a simple workflow that aligns seamlessly with your practice’s current processes.

  • Connects directly to your network via Ethernet
  • Imaging software can be used as a standalone program or integrated with existing practice management program
  • Comprehensive imaging software also improves image sharing and communication


Dr. Noam Green

My patients see the system and love its sleek, futuristic look. But to me, clearly, the user interface is the best feature.

Dr. M. Noam Green
Decatur, GA

CS 8100

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