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Let’s talk about CBCT

RWR got a chance to sit in on one of the CBCT courses this past weekend at the University of Montreal. The class was
taught by Dr. Schmittbuhl, he is the professor of radiology at the University of Montreal faculty of dentistry.

The reason why RWR is present is because the new alliance between RWR Compudent and Carestream Dental. In its supporting role, RWR needs to be knowledgeable in terms of CBCT in order to answer and troubleshoot problems. Ron and Lu were both present to take notes.

The CS9300 is the CBCT unit from Carestream Dental, it delivers one of the highest resolutions in the industry and it
generates some of the least radiations while providing some of the best images compared to other CBCT units. It comes with a strong software which can be used for virtual implant planning.

When needed, one single CBCT scan is similar to 6 panorex exposures, that translates to about 2-3 weeks of natural
exposure. CBCT have come a long way in the past 10 years with massive improvements in technology and astonishing drops in price.

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