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Fall 2013 meet and showcase at RWR

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You may or may not have received this invitation that we have sent out last week to the emails of our valued customers and friends. If you did not receive this email, do not feel left out, you are still welcome to join us. Just make sure to drop us a line so we know that you are coming.

This is a FAQ on the event

Why should I come to this RWR event?

Ron has been working very hard in the past few months to bring our services to new horizons. He has partnered up with a wide range of dental logistics and solutions expert to deliver an even more wholesome customer experience.

What are the new things?

In addition to the established CEREC and 3Shape services, we have now officially added IT logistics services, equipment services, and the most exciting of all, we have partnered up with CARESTREAM Dental imaging to provide even more options when you are equipping your office with high tech components.

I have been following 3Shape for a while and the TRIOS seems very promising, but I want to mill in my own office so I can control the quality, what does Ron have offer that can solve this concern for me?

In this case, you definitely have to come to our fall meeting and showcase, because Ron is going to be introducing an Open Platform Milling solution that will allow dentists to take scans with TRIOS and mill the crowns in their own office to achieve quality control and single appointment crowns. I highlight Open platform compared to the current systems that are closed.

I have some questions about CEREC, I don’t have the time to take a course, can I drop by to ask a few questions to Ron?

Of course, everyone is welcome, even if you are just here for the food! Ron is a CEREC trainer and troubleshoots CEREC cases on a daily basis. He has the expertise and the experience to give you a fair answer or to refer you to the right documentation. Drop by, ask your questions, have some wine and cheese and we are all happy.

Who is Carestream, I have vaguely heard of the name but not completely sure who they are.

You can refer to our blog entry about Carestream but in short, Carestream is current form of the previous KODAK medical imaging division. They know a few things about imaging and they have one of the best guarantees in the industry. You can expect products like intra-oral cameras, x-ray sensors, Panorex/cephalometric machines and CBCT solutions.

I need to find a good and reliable IT guy, who is solution Logiq?
Jocelyn from Solution Logiq has years of experience in the DENTAL FIELD. He worked with many clinics and have demonstrated a high level of efficacy and professionalism.

RWR’s client centered approach and commitment to excellent customer care is our biggest edge. Working as a team with different partners can ensure that our clients are well taken care of. Our aim is to provide a no hassle turnkey solution for the dentist who wish to take a big step, or a small step, in to the world of high tech dentistry.

We are looking forward to see you on November 18th or 20th.

Confirm your attendance with Ron – visit our contact page

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