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CS 9300

Perform all of your exams with one versatile system: the CS 9300—ideal for general & multi-specialty practices, as well as imaging centers.

CS 9300

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The ultimate in versatility

Imagine you could perform all of your exams with one system. With the CS 9300 family, that dream is now a reality. Featuring dual modality panoramic and 3D imaging with exceptional detail and range, the CS 9300 is the perfect all-in-one solution for your practice. And, with up to seven selectable fields of view, Low Dose modes and an optional cephalometric module, the unit is a versatile solution for any practice.

Superb Image Quality

With image resolution up to 90 μm, the CS 9300 delivers a superb level of detail that’s ideal for a range of clinical applications, including implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and more.

All-in-One System

In addition to 2D and 3D diagnostic imaging, the CS 9300 allows you to obtain precise digital 3D models for other applications, including orthodontics and implant planning.

Low Dose Imaging

The CS 9300 is available with Low Dose modes to deliver high-quality 3D images at the same or lower dose than a traditional panoramic exam.

Selectable Fields of View

With volume sizes from 17 cm x 13.5 cm to 5 cm x 5 cm, the CS 9300 gives you a new level of versatility.

Ability to collimate field of view to suit your diagnostic requirements3D options include Focused field, Single/Dual Jaw, TMJ (2x and 4x), Sinus, and Maxillofacial examsTwo configurations available (CS 9300/CS 9300 Select) to fit any practice’s needs and budget


Along with its exceptional 3D imaging capabilities, the CS 9300 also features 2D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology—and can even be upgraded to include one-shot cephalometric imaging

2D options include standard panoramic, segmented panoramic, maxillary sinus and TMJ (2x and 4x) Cephalometric option includes lateral, oblique, frontal (AP/PA), submento-vertex and carpus views

CS 9300

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