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Cephalometric Imaging

Obtain outstanding cephalometric images at record-breaking speeds with Carestream Dental’s extraoral systems.


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Reach new levels of accuracy & speed for cephalometric images.

When it comes to cephalometric technology, Carestream Dental’s imaging systems deliver a new degree of accuracy and speed. From one-shot cephalometric images to the fastest cephalometric scanning in the world, our extraoral systems are designed to save you time and cover all of your orthodontic needs.

Simply choose from the CS 8100SC, CS 8100SC 3D or CS 9300C product families to find the unit that’s right for you. You’ll enjoy consistent, high-quality images in less time than ever—regardless of the system you choose.

Flexible Image Options

Whether you prefer the CS 8100SC, CS 8100SC 3D or the CS 9300C, our cephalometric systems cover all of your diagnostic and tracing needs.

  • Choose from cranial option (up to 30 x 30 cm) to low-dose format (18 x 18 cm)
  • Generate lateral, oblique, frontal (AP/PA), submento-vertex and carpus images
  • Ability to collimate image field based on area of interest

Powerful Imaging Software

  • Enhance your diagnostic capabilities and communicate more effectively with your patients with our easy-to-use imaging software.
  • Use preset orthodontic filters to visualize hard and soft tissue with just one click
  • Customize look and feel of images with CS Adapt
  • One-stop access to all of your images

Fast Scan Times

Our cephalometric imaging systems deliver outstanding images at record-breaking speeds to reduce risk of motion blur, limit exposure time and ensure optimal image quality.

  • Scan images in as little as 3 seconds* with the CS 8100SC/CS 8100SC3D
  • Obtain cephalometric mages in less than a second with the CS 9300C’s one-shot technology
  • Dedicated cephalometric sensor eliminates need to change sensor between exams

*18 x 24 cm lateral image option in fast scan mode

Automatic Tracing

Thanks to our exclusive automatic tracing software, you don’t have to spend ten minutes turning an exam into a tracing—you can get the job done in just 90 seconds.*

Automatically recognizes and traces anatomical structures

Covers most common analysis needs, including Ricketts, McNamara, Steiner and Tweed

Personalize tracings, create your own templates and save even more time with the Editor feature

*18 cm x 24 cm image


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