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Pre-Owned CERECS®

We sell all models of pre-owned CEREC® system including AU Red Cam and AC Blue Cam towers; MCL and MCXL milling units. Our turnkey solution package insures a complete integration of your pre-owned CEREC® system in your clinic.


  • TEAM ORIENTATION for all team members
  • Software initiation
  • CEREC® 3P’s: PREP; Powder; Picture
  • Bonding and finishing
  • CEREC® system software designers are with you “chair side” during your first case

TELEPHONE SUPPORT CEREC® system software specialists offering you ongoing support during the first year SERVICE CEREC We have technical service specialists with over 20 years experience maintaining CEREC® systems. Our specialists will keep your CEREC® systems in optimal working condition for years to come.  Take advantage of our new service contract which offers deeply discounted hourly rates and discounted CEREC® parts. WARRANTY All our CEREC® systems are fully inspected and upgraded when necessary. We include a 3 month warranty on your new pre-owned CEREC® red cam system