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About Us

RWR DENTAL specializes in the sales and integration of the latest digital dental equipment. We have extensive knowledge of the leading dental scanners ; Carestream CS3600; 3Shape Trios; with over 18 years experience with the CEREC® cadcam system from Dentsply Sirona*

“We don’t just sell dental equipment… we partner with you during the entire process,  supporting  you through the software learning curve.”

Our specialists at RWR DENTAL understand the importance of getting the most out your investment. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we offer a turn-key solution, we integrate and follow you throughout the learning curve. We are dedicated to the successful integration of your digital dental equipment and CADCAM systems.

We buy and sell used CEREC®cadcam systems from Dentsply Sirona*

*disclaimer: RWR Dental is not affiliated with Dentsply Sirona and Dentsply Sirona does not endorse or support RWR or its products or services.

Message from Ron

Software and hardware innovations continue to drive the modern dental practice.  My goal is to offer an affordable turnkey solution, facilitating my client’s journey into the world of digital dental extraoral and intraoral imaging; digital impressions making it available to all dentists. Regardless of the system, the software learning curve continues to be one of the greatest hurdle Dental professionals have to overcome. With our team of specialists, we can develop a customized strategic plan to help you achieve a seamless integration for your digital equipment.

Simply put, we will make it work for you!


Ron Ruffner, Digital Dental & CADCAM Specialist

Ron has been in the dental industry for over 26 years, first as an independent manufacturer agent and later as a CADCAM system  specialists for Patterson Dental since May 2000. Ron is a passionate advocate of the CEREC®cadcam system from Dentsply Sirona and worked closely with hundreds of Dentists integrating CADCAM technology into their practices.


RWR Dental is not affiliated with Dentsply Sirona and Dentsply Sirona does not endorse or support RWR or its products or services